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Brussex and the city // 5 & 6 September // Brussels

Dernière ligne droite avant Brussex and the City, les 5 et 6 septembre!

Visitez la page Facebook de l’évènement pour réserver les flashs directement aux tatoueurs! (Adresses Emails sous les photos des flashs!)


Last chances before Brussex and the City, September 5 & 6!

Visit the Facebook Page of the event to book the designs directly to the tattooers! (Email addresses below the design’s pictures!)

Artists @ Deuil Merveilleux for the event :

San - Capitaine Plum - Matik (Deuil Merveilleux - Brussels-

Marine Martin (Purple Sun - Brussels)

Zulima - Javi (QBOS - Spain)

August off

I'm off for a month, 'cause this is happening. We have a lot on our plate! #newhouse #busybees