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San & Martine

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Exhibition at Atelier Tonpiquant!


" Il semblerait que chacun porte un masque, consciement ou non. Ce qui est affiché n'est pas toujours ce que l'on pense. 
"Masks" est une réflexion sur les artefacts imaginaires que nous créons, et leur conscientisation. Et vous, que voyez-vous? 


It seems that everyone wears a mask, consciously or not. What is displayed is not always what we think. 
"Masks" is a reflection on the imaginary artifacts we create and their awareness. And you, what do you see? "


Vendredi 5 janvier 18h-22h

Du 5 au 28 janvier

10 rue de la tulipe, 1050 Bruxelles



Happy New Year!

On to next year's adventures! Thank you all for your support and trust, it means the world, truly! I wish everyone a new year full of all the love and happiness possible. Happy 2018!


Last Days - Moving - Boxes Symphony

Five years of my life here in boxes, so grateful of all the lovely-amazing poeple who came here, for a little, or for a while. Thank you to all my colleagues, all the guests artists, all our customers who made this adventure possible. I'm forever grateful to all of you, you all made me learn and grow.
On to the next chapter of @deuilmerveilleux , I'm opening my own private shop downtown Brussels. You can find the forever sweet and amazing @capitaineplum with our beloved colleagues @purple_sun_brussels, I wish her all the best in the world. I'll still welcome guests artists of course, just not at the same intensive pace we had become accustomed to.
Thank you all, again and again, love, light, and hugs.
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And to all the ones I forgot, or don't have Instagram! Love!